Our History and Our Team

Our History

The beginning of this project in 2015 was a beautiful legacy that the founder and CEO of Seville Montessori School wanted to leave their children in her hometown, since there was no Montessori school, either in the capital or in the province of Seville.

When Sevilla Montessori School was born, everyone involved felt they wanted it to grow. We focused on our vision taking into account our mission.

Later in 2016, Sevilla Montessori School decided to move to the current center with larger, beautiful and welcoming facilities for our children; due to the support and demand of families. All families trusted our team and wanted to grow with us. We felt it was necessary the need to give our children the education they had been claiming these two years. And we wanted to advance to Elementary education.

In addition to this stimulus, we consider that a Montessori school has continuity, so to speak, the method is perfectly created to reach High School education and University Levels. We fully trust that the method and families are a great incentive for us; They are the engines that drive us to continue growing.

The guide recruitment process is carefully carried out following the standards of the AMI.

Our current team is not just people willing to work, but people who believe in  the pedagogy and who want this project to grow strongly in Seville, so that it can be offered to the greatest number of children.

On the other hand, multiculturalism has always been very present in our school in the form of coexistence. Today, Seville is considered a cosmopolitan city. In it live citizens from all over the world, from different cultures and environments, and of course, many of them know the Montessori pedagogy of their countries. Our school wants to provide children from other countries with skills and tools that allow them to interact in this globalized world so that they feel at home here. So Sevilla Montessori School has a team of native and bilingual English-language professionals, also trained in emotional education and positive discipline they know how to fit in our environments children from any culture. Without forgetting our Spanish children doing they feel ready to build their home wherever they are. We do it to allow them to identify and feel that as something natural. We intend to prepare them for life to be citizens of the world, meet other cultures and show them how to take care of our planet, so that it remains a unique place to live.

Our school has hosted children from countries such as Japan, Mexico, Australia, the United States, Colombia, France, Morocco, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and China.Achieving this project has been a challenge.

It is true that the families that trusted him have been a strong incentive, but the main and true incentive was to provide children with a comprehensive, holistic and respectful education. In addition to being able to forge them with a solid personality, with deep bases to obtain the tools they need to face any difficulty in adulthood in a natural way.

Our Team

Our main Montessori Teachers Guides are formed with the Association Montessori Internationale or The American Montessori Society.

Extensive experience in Montessori environments around the world, native and bilingual english speakers staff.

Carmen S

Founder and CEO of Sevilla Montessori School

Psychologist from the University of Huelva, Master in Health from the University of Seville and Expert in Early Childhood from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Certified by AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) in stage 3-6. Certified in Positive Discipline by the Positive Discipline Association as a facilitator for parents and as a facilitator in childhood, formed emotional education and NLP by ITA.

"Having a broad vision of child development due to my training and work experience, thanks to my experiences in various countries between Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland. I embarked on this holistic project where we promote the illusion of the man of the future, the child. Creating the best physical, psychological and spiritual space for its development. Sevilla Montessori School."

After two years working in the environment of the Infant Community group, I am dedicated to managing the center and evaluating children.

Inés L

Principal of Sevilla Montessori School

Bachelor's degree in communication sciences from the University of Sevilla. Certified by AMI as assistant in stages 3-6 years and Stages 6-12 years. More tham 7 years of professional Montessori experience in schools.

"With great enthusiasm I come to this educational project in which I will pour all my energy to make it grow and continue its development as a center of great academic relevance in our city, but above all, a center where its educational community shines in pride and illusion".

Claudia D

Assistant of Principal

Graduate in Business Administration and Management from the University of Seville. Official recognition in English, French and Italian. ECIS Level 2 Certificate in Child Protection.

The combination of management and administration applied to the field of education allows me to develop my work in an environment that I am passionate about. Dynamism, willingness to learn, empathy and creativity together with hard work and effort will be my main pillars when developing my duties in the school.

I love sports, reading and getting to know new cultures. I also enjoy nature and I love art.

"Alone you will get faster, together we will get further, let's make a better world together!"

Mirna S

Montessori Elementary Teacher

and Pedagogical Advisor

Graduated in English teaching. Graduated in Accounting and Finance, master in Education and doctorate in Education.

I am a certified in primary and elementary school teacher in the USA and England and Primary and Elementary Montessori Teacher Guide by the American Montessori Society (AMS) and finishing the certification as Montessori Teacher by Association Montessori International (AMI) 6-12 years.

I am bilingual in English. Also I have other training like emotional education, positive discipline and first aid.

I have experience with students of all ages, in Mexico, Canada, USA and Spain more focused on the primary stage in my last years in Dallas, Texas where I can focus on the Montessori educational method, maintaining a comprehensive, spiritual and cosmic vision of child development.

I realized that the human being is fascinating at any age, I am passionate about reinventing myself every day to ensure that my students have a successful educational experience. After two years as an elementary teacher in Dallas, Texas, I got to know Montessori philosophy closely through a teacher at my university. I was immediately attracted to the method as it is a comprehensive education with a spiritual and cosmic vision for the full development of the child.

"I am passionate about research in educational neuroscience, Indian music and movies, meditation and yoga"

Eve P

English Native Speaker Assistant in Elementary

Graduated in Psychology with Health Science from the University of the West of England, Bristol. Qualified as an English language teacher (TEFL), trained in the Jolly Phonics teaching method and certified by AMI as Assistant 6-12.

I have been teaching English as a foreign language for 12 years in Spain, South Korea and Chile, and have a passion for helping children reach their full potential. Motherhood sparked my interest in the Montessori method and since becoming a mother I have read extensively on this, and gentle parenting techniques. I have enjoyed watching my daughter thrive, and now she is a happy member of the infant community here in Sevilla Montessori School.

As a parent and a professional I work with the words of Dr. Maria Montessori in mind, ¨Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.¨

I spend my free time with my family, studying Spanish, and enjoy cycling, swimming and reading. 

Paula R

Montessori Children's House Teacher

Internal Coordinator

I am  from Spain living my last years in England. I am the main guide at the Sevilla Montessori school in the environment of the children's house and bilingual in English. I studied my Montessori 3-6 guide course with AMI (International Montessori Association) because, as Maria Montessori said, "It is not enough for the teacher to love the child. She must love and understand the universe. She must prepare and really work on it." And Certified in Positive Discipline by the Positive Discipline Association as a facilitator in childhood,

I love my work. I have been working with children for over 6 years, my last ones focused on Montessori. Sevilla Montessori School gave me the opportunity to continue growing as a guide and to form a team that focuses on the nature of the child and I know that we are giving them the tools that they will provide. they need for the rest of their lives.

I love to read, languages, travel and I enjoy cycling and horse riding in my free time.

Aylin E

English Native Speaker Assistant in Children's House 

I’m from Austin, Texas, USA I am certified by AMI as Assistente 3-6 years, I am starting an Bachelor in Psychology and I'm also finishing a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TELF). I have experience working with children from 0 - 12 years.  

"I am excited to begin this journey with Sevilla Montessori School and I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to help guide the children in developing, themselves emotinally as well as socially. I am passionate about travel, languagues and experiencing new things"

Demi T

English Native Speaker Assistant in Children's House

and Internal Coordinator

I am experienced in working with children, as I've worked in a primary school and kindergarten back in the Netherlands. I am AMI Childrens House 3-6 assistant. I hold a certificate as an English TEFL-UK Certified teacher for either a kindergarten or school. And Certified in Positive Discipline. 

"The fact that I get to spend time with both these groups, make my job very diverse. A whole new world openend for me the moment I started working in this Montessori school, I would never anymore have it any other way."

"I do think that the benefits of being Bilingual go beyond the ability to communicate in another language, bilingualism gives kids a broader perspective of the world".

I'm passionate about sports (love to dance), yoga, foreign languages and positive discipline.

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are roots of responsibility and the wings of independence". - Maria Montessori

Lidia M

Montessori Teacher Infant Community and Nest

Teacher of early childhood education, graduated from the University of Seville.

In addition, to continue growing professionally and give meaning to my vision of education, complete the Montessori Guide O-3 by IMI.

I have an accredited English qualification by trinity college London, first aid certificate, positive discipline and emotional intelligence.

As professional experience I have more than 7 years working with children and 5 years in schools and nursery schools.

"Passionate about childhood, fashion and reading"

Amelia Z

English native speaker Assistant Infant Community 

"I consider myself an enthusiastic and hospitable person. I welcome new opportunities to help improve my skill set. I am passionate about the Montessori vision in childhood. I always like to pay attention to small details". 

I have mainly worked in the child care sector. I have been working in Sevilla Montessori School for two years ago. My last interventions were in Barcelona as an English language assistant with childrens. I am certified by AMI as assistante 0-3.

I from England and I have lived in several countries, I look forward to living and working in a rural community in Nepal, helping with inclusive education for children.

Lorena J

Montessori Assistant Nest

I have studies in Pedagogy at the University of Seville and trained in Basic Psychological Processes, Educational Psychology and Psychoeducational. Moreover, I have Counseling in Socio-emotional Development and an English Certification from Trinity College London.

I found at Sevilla Montessori School a great opportunity to an education in which I believe that they trained me and gave me the opportunity to be part of Infant Community and Nest.
I have worked taking care of children from 0-6 years old. I am also passionate about traveling, learning about new cultures, reading and sports, among others.

"Any unnecessary help is an obstacle to development." Maria Montessori.

Almudena C


I studied at the Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla

a technical Diploma in cooking and gastronomy.
I became part of the team at Taberna del Alabardero where I worked for 2 years as a cook.

I love my job, I have turned my passion into my profession.
I think that food and nutrition education in children is very important since it is the basis for determining healthy eating habits.

I love reading, children, traveling and sports.

Working at Montesori school is an opportunity to convey to the children my love for gastronomy and healthy food. Teaching how to eat is as important as teaching how to walk.

"The kitchen is for fun: a cultural fact and, also, a playful space where to play and interpret" Joan Roca